Photography is about capturing special moments . . . Your special moments . . . Your story matters . . .


Hi. I’m Darren, Your Photographer 

I’m a photographer based in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.  I grew up in the suburbs of London, England, which is where my fascination with photography  began.

I picked up my first 35mm camera over 20 years ago and have been bitten by the photography bug ever since. I love taking pictures of people, landscapes, and even under water!

Most of all I am passionate about taking pictures that tell a story and have meaning (especially candid shots). You know the ones…that secret smile, that goofy face. After all, that’s what life is all about . . . moments.

In today’s digital age, photography has changed significantly. We are so focused on the now that we often neglect to think about the future. We post photographs online which are forgotten within a few days or weeks. Our Facebook and Instagram feeds won’t be around in 20 years to hand down to our children and can’t be used to decorate the walls of our family homes. That’s why all of my photography packages include prints that you can keep for your family and future generations to come!

Photography shouldn’t be a privilege. I believe that everyone deserves to have have access to great photographs.  If this sounds good to you, I would love to talk!


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Darren Townsend Photography LLC is located in Collegeville, PA (about 35 minutes West of Philadelphia). I provide a variety of photographic services, including: Family Portraits, Engagement Sessions, Event Photography, Candid Shots,  and specialized Underwater Photography.