Photography is about capturing special moments . . . Your special moments . . . Your story matters . . .


About Me

Hi, I’m Darren.  I’m a photographer based in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.  I grew up in the suburbs of London, England, which is where my fascination with photography  began.

I picked up my first 35mm camera over 20 years ago and have been bitten by the photography bug ever since. I love taking pictures of people, landscapes, and even under water!

Most of all I am passionate about taking pictures that tell a story and have meaning (especially candid shots). You know the ones…that secret smile, that goofy face. After all, that’s what life is all about . . . moments.

Photography shouldn’t be a privilege. I believe that everyone deserves to have have access to great photographs.  If this sounds good to you, I would love to talk!



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Darren Townsend Photography is located in Collegeville, PA (about 35 minutes West of Philadelphia). We provide a variety of photographic services, including: Family Portraits, Engagement Sessions, Event Photography, Candid Shots,  and specialized Underwater Photography.