Glass Towers – Philadelphia

photo of the Philadelphia skyline taken by budget photographer located in Collegeville, PA

While working on another project a few weeks ago, I got a great opportunity to capture part of the constantly changing Philadelphia skyline. The photo was shot with a Canon 7D mark ii and Tamron 70-200 while precariously balanced on the sixth story roof of a former downtown landmark. Love it?  Hate it?  Thoughts or […]

Abandoned Grain Silos

Grain silos are a common feature across the rural Pennsylvania landscape. However, it’s not often I get a chance to get so close to these large intriguing towers. The silos in this picture had been abandoned for almost four decades. At close view, you can see how nature is slowly claiming back the landscape as vines slowly […]

The Old Red Truck

collegeville photography

This week’s photograph comes from an old farm in southeastern Pennsylvania. It was a cold, snowy winter’s day when I came across this classic bright red International truck hiding in an old dairy farm building. Why I took the shot: The bright red colour of this great looking old-time truck really stood out against the cold […]